Boston Market

Boston’s iconic market is a staple of the town’s history sourcing local products each and every week.

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Boston's Iconic Market

Boston’s iconic open-air market is the largest in Lincolnshire and has been held in the town centre for hundreds of years, with historical records of the market dating back to at least the 12th Century.

Boston’s market runs every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 am.

The market offers a range of traditional goods from locally sourced fruit, vegetables, and meat alongside a variety of clothing, electronics, and arts & crafts. The market brings in traders from across Lincolnshire as a celebration of the county’s fantastic contribution to feeding the nation with locally sourced produce. Offering some of Lincolnshire’s finest produce, the markets are a must-visit if you are looking to experience everything Boston has to offer.

Come market day, Boston’s iconic town square is transformed into a vibrant outdoor shopping experience, filled with energy and local character. Alongside being an attraction in its own right, the Boston market has a long history with records of its origins documented in the exhibits of Boston Guildhall.

The regular Wednesday market features an auction on Bargate Green where residents and visitors alike can bid on local products, with a multitude of different stalls to choose from.

There’s nothing quite like local fresh food and ingredients. Lincolnshire is home to an exquisite range of farmers' markets across its rural landscape and none are celebrated like the Boston Market. There’s also an opportunity to sample local food, snacks, and drinks from one of the outdoor catering venues.

Indulge in Boston's local produce

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