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Boston is surrounded by natural beauty just waiting for you to explore it, from country parks, historic gardens and coastal nature reserves.

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Embrace the fresh air in Boston's parks & nature reserves

The historic port town of Boston is surrounded by beautiful parks and nature reserves, that make it easy to embrace the fresh air and experience Lincolnshire’s stunning nature without travelling too far from the town.

Boston is the only town in the UK with 8 country parks within 5 miles of the town centre so no matter what type of outdoor adventure you’re after, you’ll likely find just what you need only a short ride from the town.

From bird watching at Frampton Marsh, to exploring the beautifully carved wooden statues of Joseph Banks Country Park, there are plenty of stunning green spaces to enjoy. Boston Woods Trust has been busy improving the green spaces on offer across the town and thanks to their efforts, Boston is now one of the best places to enjoy woodland walks and green spaces.

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Big open skies and coastal views

Dog walkers, cyclists, bird watchers, and lovers of the outdoors can bask in the peaceful open skies, horizon views, and woodland walks in Boston. Take a stroll along the river Witham and experience the stunning views of The Wash at Havenside Nature Reserve or experience the ancient trees in The Old Cemetery, busting with local character.

Whether it’s a family picnic in the summer sun, a fresh morning winter walk, or a stroll through the falling autumn leaves, there are many parks to enjoy in Boston all through the year.

Boston’s outdoors can be enjoyed without even having to leave the town centre, from the vibrant, cultural open space of Central Park to Dion Nature Reserve’s views of The Stump and Maud Foster Mill, there’s a sample of nature, right on the town centre’s doorstep.

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