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From fascinating history to breath-taking nature, there’s something for everyone in Boston, no matter where your interests lie.

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Discover all there is to do across Boston in a town bursting with culture and history.

With a range of attractions perfect for the whole family, and places to visit all throughout the year, a trip to Boston will leave you with truly lasting memories. Discover the town’s unique history & heritage, explore the historic walls of The Stump, and uncover Boston’s cultural ties to Massachusetts through the revolutionary stories of the Pilgrim Fathers.

Let your hair down and sample a flavour of Boston’s vibrant local arts & culture at one of the many entertainment venues across the town. Explore a range of family-friendly attractions, as well as exciting things to do for couples, groups, and families, including the Ark Wildlife Park, and Blackfriars Theatre.

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Tick off Boston’s historic landmarks and hear the town’s hidden stories on a guided tour.

Boston is a small town with a big story just waiting to be told. Explore the history with exciting museums, from the award-winning We’ll Meet Again: WW2 Museum, featuring a transportive collection of impressive wartime artifacts, bringing Lincolnshire’s historic stories of the 2nd World War to life.

A short drive out of town is the quirky Bubble car Museum featuring an impressive collection of microcars celebrating an important era of British motoring history. Embark on a voyage of discovery with Boston’s pilgrim fathers and discover the town’s revolutionary stories in the Guildhall Museum and learn all there is to know about Boston’s impressive past.

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Release your inner explorer with Boston’s Great Outdoors.

The town is well-known for its fantastic range of country parks, nature reserves, and green spaces including a variety of walking and cycling routes, to unleash your adventurous side all year round. Embrace the outstanding natural beauty of Frampton Marsh or take a stroll around one of the town’s picturesque county parks.

The Wash is a beautiful region of unspoiled natural wonder just waiting to be discovered, by foot or by sea on the infamous Boston Belle Boat Tour. For avid sports fans, you will find a wealth of leisure activities and outdoor activities to embark on.

There’s something for everyone, discover all things to do in Boston now…

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