Where is Boston?

A historic market town in Lincolnshire bordering The Wash.

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Lincolnshire's hidden gem

Boston UK is a historic market town nestled in the beautiful countryside of South Lincolnshire. The town borders the east coast of England where it meets The Wash, one of the largest estuaries in the UK -which provides a glorious natural habitat for a range of wildlife.

The town is positioned on the edge of the North Sea, and its river connection with the city of Lincoln not only provides a unique passageway between the two but also allowed Boston to develop as an important trading centre when it became one of the UK’s most significant ports, dating as far back as the 13th century.

Boston’s ideal location makes it the perfect place for visitors looking to escape to the countryside whilst keeping all the convenience that being in a lively town brings.

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Visit Boston with ease

Boston is a key hotspot for exploring Lincolnshire, one of the largest counties in the UK, situated in the East Midlands of England, stretching all the way from the Humber down to The Wash.

The town is close to a range of major cities including Lincoln, Peterborough, Hull, and Norwich- all of which make Boston easy to access by road and rail. Boston is also a popular destination from other major towns along the Lincolnshire coast from Skegness, right the way up to Cleethorpes.

Considered the ‘original meeting place’ between those travelling from the North and those from the South, Boston’s connectivity and ease of travel dates all the way back through the town’s long and rich history- so why not be encouraged to stop off on your way to the coast?

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Getting to Boston

Boston is only:

  • 32 miles south of Lincoln.
  • 34 miles north of Peterborough.
  • 57 miles east of Nottingham.
  • 61 miles south of Hull.
  • 73 miles east of Sheffield.
  • 105 miles north of London.

Boston is easily accessible by car and train, and its roots as a bustling port town connecting to The Wash, also makes it approachable by sea. If you are travelling to Boston by car, there are plenty of affordable car parks to choose from when you arrive in the town. Boston station is also a short walk from the town centre making it a perfect town to visit by rail.

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Things to do

Boston has a lot of stories to tell, it’s just waiting for you to discover them. There’s plenty to do when you arrive in the town from exploring inside the historic walls of The Stump, unfolding the histories of the Pilgrim Fathers as you take in the beauty of Boston’s iconic Guildhall, or discovering the natural beauty of The Wash and the River Witham on an authentic Boston boat tour.

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