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Find a range of vegetarian & vegan places to eat in Boston, with dedicated menus and tasty alternatives without sacrificing the flavour.

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Tasty alternatives...

Boston has a growingly impressive vegan selection across its fabulous restaurants, cafés, and pubs. Enjoy a visit to the town with the confidence that you’ll easily find an excellent selection of vegan & vegetarian places to eat, with leading tastes and thoughtful presentations. Ye Olde Red Lion offers vegan and vegetarian options in their mouth-watering Lincolnshire Tapas menu.

Captain Cod Traditional Fish & Chips in the Market Square offers a huge variety of completely vegan options with vegan cod, jackfruit, and everything in between to give you the true taste of the sea without harming the creatures that live there.

For those on the greener side of life, most restaurants across Boston offer tasty vegan meals and vegetarian options.

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