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Boston is overflowing with history and stories just waiting to be told, discover more about the historic port town with the help of Boston's inspirational guided tours.

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There’s so much to see and do in Boston, so why not experience it all in the best way possible during your visit with one of Boston’s guided tours?

There is a range of engaging tours of historic Boston, from learning about the fascinating past of The Stump to taking a guided tour of The Wash and the River Witham on Boston Belle. Whether you’re a Boston regular interested in finding out more about the local area, or it's your first time to Boston and you want to get as much out of your visit as possible, Boston’s guided tours have you covered.

Explore the hidden stories of Fydell House or take a comprehensive tour of the town with the History Tour, to get the complete Boston experience. Whichever tour you choose, you’re bound to be inspired by this fascinating town and its impressive history.

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St. Botolph's Guided Tours

Do you want to learn more about Boston’s famous iconic landmark? St. Botolph’s church offers guided tours of the grounds for visitors all year round. Discover the unique history of this fascinating building, told through the inspirational words of their professional tour guide.

Discover more at St. Botolph's Church

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Guided Tours of Fydell House

Fydell House offers regular free guided tours of the ground floor of the building during open hours. Visit this wonderful Queen Ann period house with marvellous gardens to enjoy at the rear of the house and explore the history of the Fydells and the house’s important heritage in Boston.

Explore Fydell House

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Boston History Tour

Do you want to find out everything there is to know about Boston? The Boston History Tour is perfect for exploring the whole town, taking a professionally guided tour of Boston’s fascinating, and internationally significant heritage. Explore the town in full and learn about Boston’s hidden stories along the way.

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Boston Belle Boat Tour

The Boston Belle is a well-established and versatile boat tour, offering passengers the unique opportunity to experience Boston and The Wash from the River Witham with panoramic views and a perspective on the town impossible to get anywhere else, it’s a must-see experience when visiting the town.

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