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Discover Boston’s incredible stories with historic buildings, outstanding heritage, and period houses, all bursting with local character.

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Overflowing with history

Boston is well known for the outstanding history and heritage on offer both within the town centre and in the surrounding villages and hamlets.

Explore a selection of traditional windmills including Maud Foster, Sibsey Trader and Heckington Windmill and appreciate the true English heritage on offer across the county.

In the historic town centre, you can marvel at the scale and beauty of Boston’s iconic landmark The Stump. Discover over 600 years of local history in its stunning walls or climb the 209 steps of the Tower Experience for breath-taking 360-degree views of the town and nearby countryside.

Built-in the 1700s, Fydell House, gardens and tearoom boasts splendid Queen Anne era architecture and run regular tours of the grounds, uncovering the rich history of the building. Just next door is Boston’s Guildhall, a museum and tourist information centre.

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Uncover Boston’s stories and discover marvellous heritage

A short stroll down the river Witham, visitors can stumble upon Hussey Tower, a medieval tower house built in the 1400s during Boston’s thriving years as one of the UK's wealthiest ports.

The Pilgrim Father’s memorial is an important piece of Boston’s history. Located in the fresh open air of Havenside Country Park, the memorial recognises the attempts at freedom from the Pilgrim Fathers and is a fantastic starting point for the Pilgrim’s Circular walk, taking you along The Haven with stunning views overlooking The Wash.

With so many local stories to uncover, centuries of heritage to explore, and a selection of well-restored historic buildings to discover, Boston is unrivalled in South Lincolnshire among history and heritage lovers.

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