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Local produce is at the heart of Boston’s celebrated food & drink scene.

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Distinctly Boston food & drink

Lincolnshire’s local food & drink production is at the heart of the excellent restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars on offer in Boston.

With most of the local ingredients being grown just a stone’s throw outside of Boston in South Lincolnshire, it’s no surprise that this plays a big part in the unique character and flavour of the area’s exceptional food scene.

Here you can explore the cafes, pubs, and restaurants all serving fresh and local produce as part of their menus, to celebrate Lincolnshire’s fabulous food & drink offering. Be inspired, and support the hard work of those who grow, produce, sell, and serve it – working together to make Boston and Lincolnshire the thriving place that it is.

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Places to eat

From Boston sausages to Lincolnshire plum bread, Piper’s Crisps, to Stokes tea & coffee, places to eat in Boston are serving a variety of local products to suit everyone’s taste. Take inspiration and discover where you can buy your own local produce with Boston’s Farm Shops & Butchers.

Be inspired and explore all there is to know about Lincolnshire’s internationally recognised food & drink products on Taste Lincolnshire.

Discover a range of restaurants, pubs, and cafés all serving local produce across Boston.

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