Lincolnshire Wolds Outdoor Festival

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Wolds Outdoor Festival


This exciting new festival aims to provide a huge variety of outdoor activities to enjoy, whilst showcasing all that this amazing part of the country has to offer.

The Lincolnshire Wolds Outdoor Festival takes place in and around the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of Outstanding Beauty.

This nationally important and cherished landscape has so much to offer, so many great outdoor activities, things to do, and places to explore - there's so much to celebrate!

During the Wolds Outdoor Festival, you can come and discover some of the many activities that help make the Wolds such a wonderful place to be, for free or at a reduced cost.

Activities on offer range from outdoor sports like cycling, fishing, golf and horse riding, to move creative activities like dancing and art. You can even create your own adventure, and try your hand at gliding or orienteering.

Over 100 outdoor events and activities take place during the festival, across a multitude of locations.

For a full rundown of the events and activities on offer, visit the Wolds Outdoor Festival website.

Prices for events and activities may vary. Booking may be required for some activities.

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