Our guide to exploring Boston by foot

Whether you’re looking for open countryside to navigate or woodland tracks to trace, Boston is the perfect destination for a few days of walking, suitable for all kinds of adventures, and there are plenty of hidden gems to see along the way.

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Nine Nature Reserves and Country Parks

A pleasant surprise to many visitors to the area are Boston’s nine Nature Reserves and Country Parks, some of which are minutes from the cobbled town centre. These provide miles of walking trails and paths still waiting to be discovered by locals and visitors alike. Comprised of woodland, open green space, water lagoons and wildlife hotspots, the parks and reserves in the area contribute to Boston’s wonderful outdoors offering.

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The Water Rail Way provides access to the city of Lincoln

A purpose-built trail, linking Boston to the city of Lincoln, the Water Rail Way passes through expansive countryside and takes you along a journey of discovery, with sculptures to see along the way. It’s a great cycle route, but also a great walking route if you fancy a longer trek. Consisting of 33 miles, you could tackle the whole route, or stick to trying out a smaller section – either way you’ll discover the beautiful countryside which encapsulates Boston.

The Wash Main

Easy access to the Lincolnshire coastline

Boston’s heritage lies heavily in the fishing industry, representative of its proximity to the East coastline. Much of the Lincolnshire coastline is untouched, providing plenty of nature reserves and local wildlife to explore and within Boston’s vicinity are both RSPB Frampton Marsh and RSPB Freiston Shore, providing peaceful space to walk and take in views across the natural coastline and The Wash. Boston is a great place to stay to discover the Lincolnshire and North Norfolk stretches of the King Charles III Coastal Path route.

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Huge open skies and panoramic views across the Fenlands

With Boston nestled into South Lincolnshire, and sitting on the edge of the low lying, flat fenlands of East Anglia, it provides the perfect base if you’re craving expansive skies and the great tranquillity of open air and space. And there’s no better way to find it, than trailing through the wide fenlands or climbing to the top of The Stump’s tower, for panoramic views.

Boston Buoys

Great waterways to explore

Boston’s waterways are brimming in history, from being the most important port in England, outside of London, to holding old industrial warehouses along the banks of the River Witham, it’s Maritime past offers plenty to be explored today. Why not follow the Boston Buoys Trail, head to Havenside Country Park or walk along the river to Fenside Woods.

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