Explore this transportive collection of bubble cars (Microcars) and take a journey through time remembering this quirky British Engineering at the Bubblecar Museum. Located at Clover Farm, a short 15-minute drive outside the centre of Boston, the museum is a great spot to visit.

The term 'Microcar' means literally a car under 700cc, although most are much smaller. Microcars, or bubble cars as they are more usually known, are a significant part of English motoring history.

Prominent English makers were Bond, run by Laurie Bond of Lancashire, who produced most strange 'mini cars'; Berkeleys of Biggleswade made minicars based on the design of sports cars; others include Meadows Frisky, Peel, Reliant, AC Petite and Scootacar. The museum boasts having a Bamby one-seater minicar which was of limited production.

The museum is the only museum in the UK dedicated to microcars, with a collection of over fifty of these tiny cars, with the aim of being able to display them and preserve the rarer ones. The museum also has a wealth of data, both technical and published, and the whole collection is open for people to see.

The site has plenty of parking with disabled access and even has a paddock to host rallies. Adjacent to the property is an excellent café, great for afternoon tea!

Admission charges are a micro £4 for adults and £1 for children. The museum exercises seasonal opening times, be sure to check the website for up-to-date opening times to plan your trip.

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