Pilgrim Woman is a new statue commemorating the story of women and families who were arrested as Puritan separatists during the 17th Century. This group of separatists have a large historical significance and this work commemorates Boston's important role in the story of the Pilgrims.

The installation comes as preparation for the 2030 Puritan anniversary 'Boston 400' which celebrates 400 years since the formation of Boston, Massachusetts.

The sculpture features two 50cm stone women on a large plinth, you can view this installation on Church Close across from St. Botolph's Church and Boston Library.

Produced by artist Rachel Carter, the sculptures have been co-created by the community through hand weaving and stitching. The work is part of a Transported Project, Transported is a community arts programme focusing on engaging more people in arts and culture activities and improving pride in place with the local people.

Find out more about the story of the pilgrim fathers and discover Boston's fascinating past.

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