The Old Cemetery is an overgrown Victorian-era section of Boston cemetery alongside the Maud Foster Drain.

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Originally laid out in 1855, the first portion of the cemetery has been preserved as a Natural Conservation Area and provides a completely unique opportunity to experience natural walks, ancient structures and old chapels of the cemetery left to their original form. The preservation of the area allows the old section of the cemetery to be ‘given back to nature’ and provides a space for new life to grow and new forms of wildlife to live.

The unconventional beauty of Boston’s Old Cemetery is a combination of the new and old, giving visitors and residents a truly unique place to enjoy a walk in a stunning green space, without losing the important history within its grounds.

A towering formation of ancient trees cover the entrance way to the park with overgrown headstones and branching grass footpaths to allow visitors to appreciate the variety of naturally grown wildlife.

If you’re visiting the Old Cemetery by car, use the main Boston Cemetery entrance from Marian Road and walk through to the original grounds. If accessing the cemetery by foot, why not visit through the original cemetery gates off Horncastle Road and enter straight into the transportive overgrown grounds.

A truly unique place, just north of the centre of Boston. You could extend a visit to Maud Foster Mill which is just a short 10-minute walk along the Maud Foster Drain; crossing a footbridge, and you reach The Old Cemetery gates, waiting for you to uncover the history and pay respects to the old and the new of Boston.

Opening Times November, December, January - 9am to 5pm; February - 9am to 5.30pm; March and October - 9am to 6pm; April - 9am to 8pm; May, June, July, August - 9am to 8.30pm; September - 9am to 7.30pm.

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