Explore Boston's unique network of in-land rivers & drains with Yellowbelly SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) School. Committed to offering inclusive paddleboarding sessions for visitors of all ages and abilities, Yellowbelly SUP is the perfect way to explore the town's waterways and develop a new outdoor skill.

Whether you're familiar with paddleboarding and looking for something to test your skills, or you're a complete beginner - you are welcome at Yellowbelly SUP.

Yellowbelly SUP's lessons are delivered by expert paddleboarder Phil May. Benefit from his years of experience and knowledge, with one of his comprehensive SUP sessions.

Perfect for group sessions, or smaller ventures, Yellowbelly SUP caters for everyone. If you're nervous about trying it with others watching, you can schedule a one-to-one lesson and have a personally dedicated paddleboarding experience - with this, you'll become a paddleboarding pro in no time!

The Yellowbelly Stand-Up Paddleboarding School is suitable for ages 8+

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