'Made in Tennessee' is a live music show produced by Soul Street Productions that celebrates the history and evolution of country music.

The show features a talented group of musicians from the UK who play the best of classic, contemporary and modern country music. The performance takes the audience on a musical journey through the decades of country music, from its early roots in the Southern States of America to the modern-day country music heard around the world.

The show features classic country songs from legendary artists such as Johnny Cash, June Carter, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams, as well as hits from modern country superstars like Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, and Chris Stapleton. The band performs the songs with great energy and enthusiasm, transporting the audience to the heart of Nashville.

The performance promises to be a unique experience that brings the best of country music to life. It is suitable for all ages and is a must-see for country music fans. The show is a celebration of the rich musical heritage of America and showcases the talent and passion of the musicians who bring it to life. So, if you are a fan of country music or want to experience the best show east of Tennessee, book your tickets now!

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