This charming and historic town is famous for its flower parade and vibrant markets

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Boston is only 15 miles north of Spalding, a historic and vibrant market town in the south of Lincolnshire. Historically known as the Flower Town, Spalding is celebrated for its beautifully preserved gardens, heritage, markets, and its Flower Parade. The town has a charming and inviting atmosphere, welcoming visitors to experience the heritage packed within its quaint streets.

Spalding is famous for its connection to Lincolnshire’s horticultural industry. It celebrates this through the iconic Spalding Flower Parade, a renowned spectacle held annually every spring. This parade is a colourful showcase of floats adorned with vibrant flowers, along with music, entertainment, and a festival atmosphere that celebrates this unique history. The eye-catching floral parade and the family-friendly activities that go alongside it, make it a fantastic event to pair with the Boston May Fair which happens around the same time in May. Why not pair them both together and celebrate Lincolnshire in the best possible way?

Spalding Flower Parade

Exterior of Asycoughfee Hall with sign in front and trees under blue sky

In the heart of Spalding is the outstanding Asycoughfee Hall & Gardens. This picturesque park and hall feature beautifully landscaped gardens, tranquil water features, and a historic Grade I listed house and museum. The museum offers a fitting insight into the town’s rich history and displays an intriguing collection of exhibition pieces.

The river Welland runs through the centre of the town and provides plenty of scenic walking routes that make use of the nature and heritage in the town. Nestled on the side of the river is the Chain Bridge Forge, this impressive living forge and heritage museum offers a glimpse into the life of a blacksmith and gives you the unique hands-on opportunity to experience this specialist practice.

Chain Bridge Forge

Blacksmith with a metal heart and clamp

Like many of the towns in Lincolnshire’s rural countryside, Spalding is well known for its thriving market culture. The biweekly market is a vibrant hub of community activity, selling a variety of local crafts, and fresh produce. And of course, a market town would not be complete without a delightful selection of traditional cosy pubs serving hearty meals. Spalding is one of rural Lincolnshire’s finest gems, so whether you are seeking an explorative weekend of history and culture or looking for a chance to relax in the gardens, Spalding promises a memorable experience.

Where is Spalding?

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