Nearby Towns & Villages

Made up of some of the prettiest towns and villages in the county, Lincolnshire consists of quaint hamlets, seaside towns and rural villages with easy access from Boston.

Lighthouse beside river under bright blue skies

Nearby Towns & Villages

Beyond the town of Boston, you will find a stunning area of beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. With rural inland villages, stunning coastal towns, and award-winning beach resorts surrounding the town, there's plenty to explore in Lincolnshire. With an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the form of the Lincolnshire Wolds less than 30 minutes travel time from the town, there's plenty to explore right on Boston's doorstep.

Whether you're planning to head to the Lincolnshire Coast on a holiday or fancy sightseeing in the historic city of Lincoln, pairing a visit to Boston with a trip to explore the surrounding towns and villages is a great way to experience all that Lincolnshire has to offer. Many Lincolnshire towns are located close to each other making it a great place to explore the variety on offer in this beautiful county, all in one go.

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