The Lincolnshire Coast

Discover the famous Lincolnshire coast - a popular holiday destination, stretching from The Humber to The Wash.

sunset over the coast line with wind turbines in the distance and pier in the foreground

The Lincolnshire Coast

Lincolnshire’s award-winning coast is a must-visit for anyone looking to appreciate everything Lincolnshire has to offer. There is so much to explore along the county’s glorious coastline, from the quintessential seaside resort towns to experience the wildlife and beauty of the natural coast. The coastline can be easily accessed from Boston. Just a short drive East of the town and you arrive at the mouth of The Wash. There are two RSPB nature reserves in the area which border the North Sea; Frampton Marsh and Freiston Shore, both of which are within 5 miles of the historic town centre. But why not explore further and see everything that Lincolnshire’s impressive coastline can offer?

sunset over flooded marshland

The Natural Coast

Lincolnshire sits on the East coast of England, bordering the North Sea and stretching over 50 miles from The Humber down to The Wash near Boson. This coastline encompasses a diverse range of natural landscapes, including sandy beaches, coastal habitats, sweeping sand dunes, sat marches, and protected nature reserves. The diversity of landscapes along the coastline and its scenic beauty brings with it an ever-changing, rich, biodiversity. There’s so much to explore on ‘The Natural Coast’. The area is home to several important nature reserves and protected sites, such as Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve near Skegness and Frampton Marsh which is a popular spot to visit from Boston. These reserves provide an essential sanctuary for bird species, including migrating birds, some of which have travelled across the North Sea from mainland Europe to nest. In some regions of the coast, you may also spot seals and other marine life making use of the safe natural spaces. Unsurprisingly, the Lincolnshire coast is popular among nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers who enjoy exploring the unique coastal ecosystems. With natural spaces such as those on the Lincolnshire Coast becoming more and more sparse, and with the rise of eco-tourism, it’s no surprise that so many areas are designated for wildlife conservation, preserved for tourists to appreciate and support.

Discover Lincolnshire’s natural wonders along the vast coastline and immerse yourself in the open beaches and stunning nature reserves.

bustling seaside beach with grass in foreground and sea in background

The Seaside Towns

Complementing the Natural Coast of Lincolnshire are numerous renowned and award-winning holiday resort towns welcoming tourists throughout the year. With award-winning sandy beaches, Skegness has been a popular holiday destination for almost 100 years. As one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK, the town offers quintessential seaside breaks with traditional charm. Mablethorpe is another popular coastal town known for its beautiful sandy beach, with a traditional seaside atmosphere, and a seal sanctuary where visitors can observe rescued seals. Located at the top of the Lincolnshire coastline near the mouth of the Humber Estuary, Cleethorpes boasts long open sandy beaches and big skies.

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