The best things to do in Boston: 2023

Do you want to make the most of your visit to Boston? These attractions and things to do should be right at the top of your 'Boston bucket list'

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We’re counting down our 10 very best things to do in Boston in 2023. No matter the time of year or the weather, these activities and attractions are sure to leave you with lasting memories and allow you to explore all corners of Boston UK.

1. Visit The Stump

Right at the top of the Boston bucket list is St. Botolph’s Church, known more locally as ‘The Stump’. Undoubtedly the most iconic building in the town, a trip to Boston, England wouldn’t be complete without exploring this historic building and marvelling at its architectural beauty.

As one of the tallest non-cathedral parish churches in England, St. Botolph’s Church is instantly recognisable towering over Boston’s skyline. Gradually constructed throughout the 14th and 15th century, St Botolph’s Church acts as a beacon for the town for navigation and can be seen for miles around the flat fenland countryside.

Perfect for first-time visitors, St. Botolph’s Church offers frequent guided tours of the grounds. Expert guides will take you on a journey through the history of the building, uncovering the magnificent structure’s hidden inner workings and giving you a taste of the church’s important cultural ties to Boston, USA through the puritan emigrants.

Those brave enough to face the 209 steps of the church tower will be greeted by breathtaking views of Lincolnshire. On a clear day, you could be lucky enough to spot Lincoln Cathedral off in the distance. With 360-degree views of rural Lincolnshire, Boston’s coastline, and aerial views of the town centre, there’s nothing quite like it in the town.

With regularly hosted events for the whole family and an on-site café, it’s the perfect place to truly appreciate Boston’s historic architecture and offers fun for the whole family.

Visit St. Botolph’s Church

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2. Experience the wildlife wonders of The Wash

Boston is located close to two RSPB nature reserves: Frampton Marsh & Freiston Shore.

The Wash is one of the UK’s most important estuaries for wildlife, providing unspoilt habitats for a wonderful range of species of migrating birds. Just inland from the mouth of The Wash stretches miles of sea lagoons and salt marshes. Take a relaxing break into nature, marvel at the big open skies, and breathe in the fresh ocean air at either of the top places to explore The Wash; Frampton Marsh and Freiston Shore.

Frampton Marsh

One of the most popular RSPB nature reserves in the UK, Frampton Marsh is an estuary for wildlife. Located just 5 miles out of Boston’s town centre, this nature reserve is perfect for bird watchers, nature lovers and anyone looking to make the most of the fresh air. With all-weather paths, on-site toilets, a visitors centre and stunning views of the marshes, this is the perfect place to lose yourself in nature’s beauty and is one of the best places to visit in Boston.

Frampton Marsh

Freiston Shore

Like Frampton Marsh, Freiston Shore provides an important estuary for a diverse and vibrant selection of birdlife. Located to the north of The Haven, Freiston Shore runs alongside the east coastline and offers fantastic walking routes, sheltered bird hides and unspoilt nature to discover. Frampton’s peaceful sister site is perfect for shorter family strolls and picnics.

Freiston Shore

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3. We’ll Meet Again: WW2 Homefront Museum

Experience Lincolnshire’s very best transportive collection of wartime artefacts at We’ll Meet Again: WW2 Homefront Museum. Born out of a passion for remembrance, the museum is Boston’s true hidden gem. Nestled a short distance from Freiston Shore alongside a series of coastal defences used in the 2nd World War, the museum is a fantastic way to experience ‘wartime history brought to life’. With engaging and critically acclaimed experiences for children to learn about the war, this museum is a great place for family-friendly visits.

For an unforgettable experience you cannot get anywhere else, the Homefront Museum offers visitors the opportunity to become the pilot of a Lancaster Bomber, taking control of an iconic WW2 bomber plane in their replica cockpit through a completely unique VR experience.

With a homely on-site café serving drinks and light snacks, and wheelchair-accessible visits, the We’ll Meet Again: WW2 Homefront Museum is well worth the visit.

We'll Meet Again: WW2 Homefront Museum

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4. Discover the rich history of Boston Guildhall

There truly is no better way to experience the history of Boston than through a trip to Boston Guildhall. Built in the late 1300s, Boston Guildhall is a beautifully preserved medieval building, home to an intriguing museum remembering Boston’s important history.

Discover the town’s cultural heritage and experience the stories of the Pilgrim Fathers, uncovering Boston’s important connections to Boston Massachusetts.

Boston Guildhall Museum

5. Take a guided tour of Fydell House

Just next door to the Boston Guildhall Museum is Fydell House. A quaint queen-Anne era manor house boasting gorgeous interior architecture and stunningly well-preserved gardens to the rear of the house. Offering free expert tours of the ground floor, you can hear first-hand stories of the Fydells and their connections to Sir Joseph Banks.

On Wednesdays, The Tearoom serves afternoon teas, light lunches, and hot drinks to enjoy in their outdoor seating area overlooking the gardens, or in the house’s cosily restored dining room.

Fydell House & Gardens

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6. Catch a show at the Blackfriars Theatre & Arts Centre

Blackfriars Theatre is Boston’s premiere arts & cultural hotspot. With a calendar of events throughout the year deserving of a standing ovation, there’s bound to be an event or two to tempt you to visit. A home for theatre performances since 1966, Blackfriars hosts local home-grown talent, professional performances, and seasonal celebrations.

Blackfriars Theatre

7. Enjoy a family day out at Ark Wildlife Park

Ark Wildlife Park is an award-winning exotic animal sanctuary open to the public. Hosting a series of family-friendly activities throughout the year, Ark Wildlife Park is great for visitors with young children and offers fun for the whole family. Ark Wildlife Park is also home to Jurassic Ark, Lincolnshire’s largest dinosaur attraction with super realistic animatronic dinosaurs and on-site theming to keep the little ones immersed and entertained. On a trip to Ark Wildlife sanctuary, expect to be greeted by a diverse range of exotics from giant reptiles, meerkats, red foxes, bobcats, macaques and many other animals.

ARK also offer animal experiences, giving you the unforgettable opportunity to become a keeper for the day and learn all about taking care of the animals. Or why not come face-to-face with a fox, meerkat or wildcat with their animal encounter experiences and leave with truly lasting memories.

Explore Ark Wildlife Park.

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8. Experience the unique beauty of The Old Cemetery arboretum

Well-known to locals but often a hidden gem for visitors, Boston’s Old Cemetery now exists to give back to nature and provides habitat for a range of wildlife as a nature preservation area. Originally developed in the mid-1800s, the initial portion of the cemetery grounds is now dotted with large red trees, overgrown headstones and interweaving paths through the lush vegetation and wildlife.

It’s unlike anything else you will find in a town centre and is a fascinating way to allow visitors to continue to make use of an old site, giving back to nature and allowing new to grow from the old.

Boston Old Cemetery

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9. Take a peek at the inner workings of Maud Foster Mill

Explore the inner workings of a 200-year-old windmill right in the heart of Boston’s historic town centre with Maud Foster Windmill. Climb the 7 floors of the mill and be rewarded with stunning views of Boston’s St. Botolph’s Church and Maud Foster Drain. There is also a mill shop selling stoneground flour and porridge oats, as well as a variety of local souvenirs to be enjoyed.

Maud Foster Windmill

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10. Explore the history of the Pilgrim Fathers

A trip to Boston would not be complete without seeing first-hand the Pilgrim Fathers’ Memorial of Scotia Creek located at Havenside Country Park. A fantastic spot for outdoor walks in its own right, Havenside Country Park is home to the memorial of the Pilgrim Fathers, recognising and remembering their attempts to flee before they were captured, arrested and imprisoned in the Boston Guildhall in 1607.

Along this park, you can also experience ‘Horizon’ an installation as part of a series of sculptures along Lincolnshire’s coastline, tying in local stories and important heritage. The Horizon installation tells tales of maritime navigation, located at the mouth of The Haven as ships set off to sea.

Pilgrim Fathers' Memorial

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