The Fuddy Duck Brewery is one of Boston's small but mighty hidden gems. Just 2.5 miles from Boston centre, the microbrewery offer American-style beer with their injecting interesting flavours into every batch.

Producing 1,200 litres per week, The Fuddy Duck Brewery take the initial grain ingredients all the way to the cask. They have an on-site's pub and gift shop.

Fuddy Duck pride themselves on being uniquely small, which allows them to move freely and have creative freedom when producing their IPAs, pale ale's, bitters, lagers, and stouts in ways that bigger and commercial brewers can't. If you’re looking for some behind the scenes introductions to the art of beer making, look no further than their brewery tour that’ll have you informed and entertained.

On-site you'll also be able to find a charming pub selling a modest food menu that compliments the fine beers. There's live music and entertainment on special occasions.

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