If you have dreamed of becoming a pilot or are interested in aviation, Flightdeck Reality at the Boston Aerodrome is the ultimate day out!

When you first arrive, you'll receive an explanation of the main controls and have the option of choosing from 24,000 airports to take flight from, including a tropical Caribbean Island, to City Hop, and more. Within the simulator, you can experience an authentic flying experience where you take the controls of a replica Boeing 737-800 airliner cockpit. With 2 pilot seats together and a row of passengers, groups of up to 5 can experience the flight together.

During your time within the simulator, you will be taught the start-up and take-off procedures. With the up-to-date and high-tech controls, you'll be faced with the same set-up as pilots and it'll feel like you're actually flying! You'll also be able to experience the special "Krypton Factor" challenge they provide.

Do you have a fear of flying? If so, you could take Flightdeck Reality’s 'Fear Of Flying' course which is designed to help you conquer your fear by taking you through what would normally be experienced onboard an airliner trip. The course takes up to an hour and they've even allowed an additional person to join you for support at no extra cost.

With flight simulator booking options of 1 hour, 90 minutes or 2 hours, as well as kid's parties, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Flightdeck Reality also holds corporate events within its VIP lounge with catering; being open to any requirements, work colleagues and friends alike are sure to enjoy their visit.

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