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From unique antiques to fashion and homeware, Boston is proud to have a variety of independent stores across the town.

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Boston is proud to be the home of a variety of independent stores, a lot of which are born and bred in Boston.

With the town’s feet firmly planted as one of the UK’s leading port towns in the early years of Boston, there’s no wonder some of that passion for local businesses, and independent pride has carried through to the present day. Boston’s independent spirit can be felt throughout much of the town’s fabulous shopping offer.

Branching off from the town’s marketplace is a network of historic shopping lanes with plenty of local stores to discover along their cobbled streets. These side streets offer interesting and unique places to shop, packed with local flavours. You can get the true Lincolnshire shopping experience in Boston.

Boston has a variety of local and independent stores across the town centre. From designer clothing stores such as Coneys of Boston, to local antique stores like Memory Lane Emporium, there’s a wealth of home-grown Boston names to experience.

Explore the very best independent shops Boston has to offer below.

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