Standing tall amongst the tranquil and picturesque countryside of Lincolnshire is the Grade 1 listed building, Sibsey Trader Windmill.

For the keen history buffs, you'll be interested to hear the story of Sibsey Trader Windmill. Lincolnshire is a mostly flat landscape, with rolling hills, this made it the perfect county to build windmills and old England knew this, with the county at one point having up to a staggering 800 windmills. Today there's a reasonable 100, but what makes Sibsey so special is that it's one of the few six-sailed mills still standing in Lincolnshire, and England.

Built in 1877, Sibsey is six floors high, standing at approximately 74 feet. Considered to be small and slim for a windmill, is still an impressive piece of our county's history. Sadly, in 2018 a strong gale damaged the windmills cap, sail, and fantail; English heritage has taken on restoration work to bring it back to its former glory.

Despite it being a few years until it's fully repaired, visitors can enjoy visits to watch as the Windmill gets back up and running. whilst stopping by the popular mill shop within the tearoom, which sells stone-ground flour made at another local windmill, along with other fresh Lincolnshire produce.

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